Everyone loves to talk about how much parity there is in Major League Baseball, or that anybody could beat anyone else on any given Sunday in the NFL, but if you want to see true parity take a look at the current standings for the Big South Conference.

As of Monday night, and featuring some schools that many college basketball fans probably didn’t even know existed, the top seven teams in the league all have a record between 9-4 and 8-5 in conference games. This late into the season most conferences have begun to sort themselves out in terms of who has a chance to dance and who doesn’t, but with so many schools in play for the league’s likely one and only tournament bid the final month of the regular season will be an absolute war night in and night out to claim the prize.

If I had to select a favorite to make it to win the conference and appear in the big dance I would go with Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina based solely on the fact that they host this year’s Big South Tournament. This would be a huge advantage and if you were to go by what predictions say it could be as much as a four point swing for the home team. They also benefit from an extremely weak finish in their schedule, getting each of the bottom four once in their final six games.


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