mcculloughWith the NBA Draft a week behind us, it seems like a good time to look ahead at the draft prospects of the remaining members of the Syracuse basketball team. Chances are the Orange won’t be losing too many players to early entry, but then again, who could have predicted Tyler Ennis would be a first round pick this time last year?

It’s pretty evident that Jerami Grant should have returned to Syracuse for another year to hone his offensive skills, but at this point, those are simply bygones. What’s done is done, and Doc Brown isn’t going to come zipping up in the DeLorean anytime soon to help him fix his mistake. It’s a shame, too, because Grant would almost certainly have become a first round shoo-in with another season under his belt, as he would have likely challenged for ACC Player of the Year honors.

But with Grant and Ennis both gone, we’re left with a lot of questions about the 2014-15 Syracuse basketball team, and looking at the roster, it’s unclear who, if anyone, has a realistic shot of going pro after next season. Is that going to stop me from wild speculation? Hell no.

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