coverAs we continue gearing up for the 2014 Syracuse football season, it’s time to take a look at some of the guys whose performances will be absolutely crucial if the Orange want to build on the success of the last two seasons and earn their third straight bowl berth.

It would be easy to point to guys like Sean Hickey, Cam Lynch, and Durrell Eskridge when talking about the team’s most important players, but we can pretty much chalk those guys, and what they bring to the table, up as absolute givens. We know Hickey is one of the best tackles in the country, we know Eskridge is a ball hawk and super athlete at safety, and we know that Lynch is going to be a huge disruption in the backfield.

But who else should the Orange be expecting to step up this season? Some of the answers are clear, and some you may not agree with. If we missed anyone, let us know in the comments. Here are our eight picks for the most important players for the 2014 season.


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