There are certainly things passed down from generation to generation that hold a special meaning. They could be recipes, family jewelry, or even, you know, royal titles. Those are still a thing, right? Right here at Syracuse, it used to be the number 44. With that retired, it’s time to begin a new tradition. It’s time to bestow the Headband. Passed down from recruiting class to recruiting class, and most recently worn like a crown by CJ Fair, this shall be the one headband to rule them all.

The headband has gained significant meaning over the last decade at Syracuse. Sure, people had worn them in that whole B.C. era (Before Carmelo), but with Melo, Josh Pace, CJ Fair, and a few assorted others, it’s taken on a special meaning with the Orange faithful. With that in mind, it’s time to look ahead to the 2014-2015 Syracuse University basketball roster and determine who is, truly, the most worthy recipient of the esteemed Headband of Power.

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