There’s a pretty good chance that a big domino could fall this weekend for Syracuse’s 2017 recruiting efforts, though it may not be falling in a direction that seems immediately beneficial to the Orange. Kasim Hill, long one of the top quarterback options for the Orange, is announcing his college decision on Saturday. I’m expecting him to pick Maryland, but that may not be bad news for Syracuse.

Hill will be making his pick at 2:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, and while Syracuse remains a school of interest for the 6-foot-2 quarterback from Maryland, the sense is that he’s been leaning toward the home state Terps for a little while now. Strengthening this line of reasoning is the fact that, just this morning, fellow Maryland high school standout Ayinde Eley – a four star linebacker from Our Lady Good Counsel – tweeted that he, too, will be making his college choice at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

It’s starting to look a bit like the pair will both opt for Maryland. Eley has a Syracuse offer but the Orange aren’t really in the running, by all accounts. So you might be asking yourself: how could this potentially benefit Syracuse?

It’s simple, really: Tommy DeVito. The signal caller from Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey is also high on Maryland’s wish list, but if the Terps add Hill this weekend that could effectively take UMD out of the running for DeVito, who at this point is alongside Hill as the staff’s top choice at quarterback. Hill picking Maryland could eliminate the Terps from DeVito’s list, narrowing his choices and making it more likely he winds up picking the Orange (and, per, a decision is coming sooner than later for DeVito).

Syracuse has been handing out several other offers over the past few days, but for now the only movement on the recruiting trail that seems imminent is at the quarterback position. Keep in mind, of course, Syracuse has two commitments in the 2017 class – the same number they had at this time last year, coincidentally, so while it’d be nice to land a few more commits it’s worth remembering none of the players who picked Syracuse this early in the 2016 cycle are actually going to be at SU this fall anyway. Recruiting is a long, complicated process, and most of the movement will take place this summer and fall.

Syracuse is in good position for several high priority recruits, like Tayon Fleet-Davis, Brian Edwards, and the aforementioned DeVito. Weston Bridges still likes Syracuse, though I think he might be trending more toward Michigan State right now.

Pieces could start moving into place this Saturday. Let’s all sit back, grab some popcorn, and see how things play out.

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