Not so breaking news out of the NCAA national office today as we dig back through the archives to find more evidence that the organization’s president, Mark Emmert, is the worst. Just really, really awful, in every conceivable way. That guy, he’s not someone you’d like to be friends with, is what I’m saying, because he’d probably drink all of your booze, hit on your wife, and kick your dog for good measure.

He’s just terrible, basically.

More proof has resurfaced as the NCAA continues to prolong its decision about whether a single course taken by Moustapha Diagne in his home nation of Senegal more than three years ago should count toward college eligibility, which is something that Emmert and his cronies have decided is “in their wheelhouse.”


For those who don’t remember, that’s what Emmert said regarding the North Carolina cheating scandal, which stretched for two decades and involved more than 1,000 students taking what were basically fake classes. It’s not the NCAA’s business to determine if one of its member schools is actually offering legitimate classes, but apparently it’s TOTALLY WITHIN THEIR JURISDICTION AND POWER to deem one random class taken by a kid just trying to fulfill a dream of playing Division I basketball, before he ever even moved to the United States, potentially fraudulent.

Diagne, as you’ll no doubt recall, had to sign with a junior college by August 20 in order to retain his student visa, and now awaits a decision on whether or not the NCAA has decided the class should count toward his eligibility. No word yet on whether or not they’re going to be investigating a finger painting he did when he was six-years-old to determine whether or not it was, in fact, worthy of receiving a gold star from his teacher.


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