Well, this is not exactly the best news we all could have received today. Syracuse University’s top recruit, running back Robert Washington, has decommitted from the Orange and will reopen his recruitment, has reported. It’s been a strange, dramatic day with this recruitment after Washington tweeted that his account had been hacked, leading him to create a new one, and now things have taken a turn for the depressing.

Washington still has strong interest in Syracuse, so his recruitment certainly isn’t over, but decommitting right now is certainly not what Orange fans were expecting or hoping for. Washington will apparently take some more time to fully explore his options and take visits before coming to an ultimate conclusion on where he’ll play his college ball.

The silver lining is that, according to Scout, this will not impact Moe Neal’s decision to play at Syracuse. Washington could also still wind up at Syracuse when it’s all said and done, but clearly bringing him in will be a much taller order now that he’s decided to open up his recruitment again.

EDIT: It’s been reported this evening that part of what spurred Robert into his decision to back out of his commitment is the fact that DeAndre Smith continued to talk to Washington’s father, after RobertĀ asked him not to. While that may in fact be one aspect of what happened here, it’s more than a little strange. After all, Smith is the primary recruiter for Robert’s cousin Aapri Washington, and Robert’s father, Robert Sr., is Aapri’s high school coach. It seems a little farfetched, and unfair, to think that a recruiter would choose not to speak to the high school coach of a priority recruit.

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