One of the top priorities for the Syracuse University football staff in the 2016 recruiting cycle has been wide receiver, with Sadiq Palmer already aboard and several other high level prospects holding offers. However, a pair of under the radar targets could emerge soon for Syracuse: Thomas Gordon, and Jelani Greene.

Gordon is a name you’ve probably heard this morning if you’re a Syracuse football fan, as the North Carolina native turned a lot of heads yesterday by earning wide receiver MVP honors at The Opening Regionals in Charlotte. Right now, Gordon is an unrated prospect whose only offer is from Elon, but after his performance on Saturday that’s more than likely going to change in a hurry. According to’s John Garcia, the Orange are already his top school, too.

Gordon is a 6-foot, 165 pound receiver who has been described as a slot receiver prospect, and people who have seen him play both on film and live rave about his route running ability and knack for getting open against any defenses. He’s gotten interest from Duke and Wake Forest, and is almost certainly going to be getting a lot more power five looks in the very near future.

Two things are working in Syracuse’s favor, if they decide to pursue Gordon: the first is that he’s a friend of Robert Washington’s. The second, more important one? He was born in Syracuse, and as he told Scout, would probably commit on the spot if offered.

The other under the radar receiver prospect who could eventually turn some heads at Syracuse is Jelani Greene, an unrated, 6-foot, 165 pounder from Long Island. Greene is still waiting for his first offer, but has gotten interest from Rutgers and Temple, and is at least on Syracuse’s radar – Bobby Acosta follows him on Twitter, as do several other prospects on the Syracuse recruiting board. He’s also been standing out at recent camps and 7 on 7 tournaments with his athleticism.

Like Gordon, there’s a strong feeling that Greene would immediately commit if offered by the Orange. According to one person I know close to him, he’s described Syracuse as his dream school, after all.

It still remains to be seen whether Syracuse will wind up offering either prospect, especially given how many wide receiver offers they’ve already extended in this class. But don’t be surprised to see either target begin getting more attention from the Orange coaching staff.

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