A Providence College basketball star may have seen his junior season come to an early end after team physicians confirmed that he is expected to be out indefinitely with third degree hurt feelings. Sources also say that he is suffering from a lacerated ego, which could lead to additional time in street clothes.

Hoban Washburn, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard, was in the midst of a dismal 2-for-13 shooting performance in a recent game against Massachusetts when team sources say he overheard a group of rowdy fans screaming mean things, including a declaration of “Hey, Washburn, you suck!” It’s believed this particular refrain was repeated multiple times.

“It’s an unfortunate blow for the team,” said a source close to the Friars. “Hoban has been working hard to recover but I haven’t seen emotions in such dire need of long term repair in quite a few years. The worst part is that there’s no guarantee he’ll ever recover. Just look at Nick Anderson back in 1995.”

Still, the Providence coaching staff remains hopeful that Washburn could be available later this season as the Friars begin to make a push for a postseason berth.

“We’re just taking it day by day,” said assistant athletic trainer Doug McVeigh. “The last few days we’ve been working on rehabbing Hoban’s emotions, having him shoot free throws in front of some drunken, jeering fratboys, just to kind of test his feelings out. It’s pretty clear that he’s not 100% quite yet, but we think he can get there.”

When I tried to reach out to Washburn for comment via text message, he responded with two sad face emojis.

Bub Hooper - Ace Reporter
Bub Hooper – Ace Reporter

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