Well, we’ve got one week in the books in the world of fantasy baseball, and as it turns out, Syracuse still doesn’t offer the sport so we’re going to keep plugging away in the world of vicarious athletic success. And after a week, I feel confident in saying that I’m going to be pretty awesome in general this year, you guys.

Okay, so maybe that’s overstating things a little bit. After all, I’m not in first place…yet. After topping the team managed – or maybe I should say mismanaged – by Justin Roe by a final score of 8-4, I find myself 0.5 games out of first place. I’m sorry, I should say we find ourselves 0.5 games out of first place, because the official Otto’s Grove fantasy baseball team is for the people.

I can’t take all of the credit for the strong early showing by the team, of course. At least some of it has to go to the players, most directly what is looking to be a rather formidable pitching staff. My crew picked up four wins and four saves, though the ERA wasn’t quite where it needed to be. After last week’s performance, guys like Taijuan Walker and Kendall Graveman are on notice. Fortunately, Dallas Keuchel picked up the slack with two wins and a 1.29 ERA, while Matt Harvey was fantastic in his lone start of the week.

I admit that I was a little bit skeptical about Ian Kinsler, but the kid was alright last week. In fact, the Detroit Tiger second baseman carried the load offensively, batting .440 with seven RBI, and tossing in a stolen base for good measure because he’s just that kind of guy. Lucas Duda was another pleasant surprise, hitting .381 with a pair of RBI, though I’d appreciate if he and Harvey could stop beating up on my beloved Nationals. That’d be great.

The rest of the members of Otto’s Grove didn’t fare so well in the week one standings. Sterling Thomas – poor, poor Sterling – wasn’t so sterling in his first week, going 3-8-1 and finding himself in 12th place. For those scoring at home, this is a 12 team league. The team co-managed by Adam Chisom and Jay Hill went 6-6, which makes sense because let’s be honest here, those guys are average at best so going .500 feels about right.

This week, I’ll be taking on a team called Vlad the Impaler, which sits at 7-5 after a week and has me feeling a little torn because Vladimir Guerrero is my all-time favorite player, and I hate to beat up on a team using his likeness. So if that team’s manager is reading this: could you go ahead and change your logo for the week? I do hate embarrassing poor Vlad like I’m going to. Be a peach and fix that, would you?

On to week two!

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