Michael Jordan may have personally asked Sidney Deane to play summer pro, only for Sidney to turn him down, but there are currently seven former Syracuse basketball players who decided that, unlike Sidney, summer pro league most decided does not eff up their games. Here’s a rundown of who they are, where they’re playing, and when you might be able to see them next.

James Southerland

The guy we affectionately call Dirty is playing this summer for the New Orleans Pelicans, because a paycheck will lead you to play for even a team with the stupidest name in pro sports. Dirty and the Pelicans are in the Vegas Summer League, and they next play on Friday against the D-League Select team, which includes former West Virginia star Devin Ebanks.

Brandon Triche

Howard’s nephew is back from Italy and looking to land with the New York Knicks, and like Dirty will also be playing in the Vegas Summer League. Triche and the Knicks play today at 4:00 PM (EST) against the Dallas Mavericks, meaning Triche will be going up against his former teammate…

CJ Fair

…CJ Fair. Wait, the header gave that one away, didn’t it? Oh well. Anyway, yes, CJ signed on with the Mavericks and will be trying to earn a roster spot in the Vegas Summer League. The smooth lefty will be getting his first taste of NBA action, even if it is only summer league action, and you can watch online here.

Donte Greene

Another former #5 from Baltimore, only this one stayed just one year before fizzling in the NBA, is Donte Greene. He’s trying to earn his way back into the NBA after playing overseas last season, this time with the Brooklyn Nets. Donte has already played in three games since the Orlando Summer League opened up play over the weekend, averaging 9.3 points thus far. He’ll get game number four tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. against Philly.

Jerami Grant

Philadelphia has two summer league teams, and Jerami Grant is playing for its Orlando version and has gotten off to a rocky start in his first couple games. He’ll be looking to change course against Donte and the Nets tomorrow, otherwise his decision to leave early is going to continue looking more and more shaky with each passing dismal performance. At this point, he’s trying like crazy to earn a roster spot.

Tyler Ennis

On the flipside of Grant is Tyler Ennis, who as a first round pick really doesn’t have to worry about making the Phoenix Suns roster. After all, he’s projected to be their point guard of the future and, they hope, the next Steve Nash. He and the Suns haven’t played yet, and will get their first action on Saturday against Golden State.

Arinze Onuaku

Our old pal Arinze Onuaku is still chugging along trying to earn a roster spot in the NBA, and this summer he’s attempting to earn a spot on the Indiana Pacers roster. So far he’s played in one game, scoring three points and grabbing eight boards with two blocked shots. The Pacers play tomorrow at 3:00 PM (EST) against Oklahoma City, and once again, you can follow along to see how AO is doing here.

Michael Carter-Williams

Don’t be ridiculous, the reigning Rookie of the Year is basically our Sidney Deane. He doesn’t need the summer pro league. Shit effs up his game and we can’t have that, Billy Ho’.

Nolan Hart

Get out.

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