At this point, with the tremendous momentum that’s being generated for Syracuse University by the commitment of Robert Washington, nosing around top talents isn’t really a question of “why,” as much as “why not?” That’s the case right now with the initial feelers being sent out to elite wide receiver prospect Devin Duvernay, one of the most explosive talents in the class of 2016.

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: it’s pretty farfetched to think that Syracuse can be a serious player for Duvernay’s services at this point in time. Obviously, things can change, but for now at least the Orange haven’t even sent out an offer to the exceptionally athletic receiver from Sachse, Texas, but Syracuse still has a few things working in its favor. Some things would have to fall into place for the Orange to be a real contender for Duvernay, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Duvernay is a 5-foot-11 speed demon, and when you watch his tape the thing that really leaps out at you is the fact that he doesn’t just run away from defenders, he absolutely leaves them in the dust. His acceleration is pretty much second to none in the class of 2016. He’s got a reported 40 time of 4.38, but it’s not just how fast he is – it’s how¬†quickly¬†he can turn on the afterburners and race away from tacklers. Once he gets into the open field, he’s gone, and there’s nothing the defense can do about it.

So why should Syracuse fans feel like there’s at least an outside shot to land one of the top wide receiver prospects in America? After all, Duvernay is a 4-star talent with offers from virtually every big time program in America, and is generally ranked among the top 50 prospects at any position in his class. Well, for starters, Sachse is also the home of the Mayden brothers, Jared and Jalen. Jared’s a high profile cornerback prospect I’ve talked about, and Jalen is a class of 2018 quarterback prospect who the Orange have already offered.

The brother trend continues with Duvernay, as his brother, Donovan, is also a 3-star wide receiver prospect. Donovan doesn’t have quite the profile Devin does, but he’s certainly no slouch and already has offers from the likes of Boise State, Kansas, and Michigan. The best chance Syracuse may have at landing any one of the Duvernay and/or Mayden brothers is by offering them all, and hoping for the best.

Obviously, this entire chain still goes back to that initial domino: Robert Washington. Ultimately, it also depends on how well he can sell his friends Dwayne Haskins and Jared Mayden on the Orange. If he can somehow get one or both of them to join him in Central New York, suddenly players like Duvernay are absolutely in play.

It continues to be an exciting time for Syracuse football recruiting, and while the chances of reeling in a player of Duvernay’s caliber at this stage of the game are pretty slim, the fact that there is any chance at all is pretty impressive. It’ll be extremely hard getting the Duvernay’s out of Big 12 territory, but as Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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