Last week, Syracuse University offensive coordinator Tim Lester checked out Louisiana quarterback Lindsey Scott, a 3-star prospect and talented overall athlete, while the Orange were on a bye. Today, it turns out that not only has Syracuse extended an offer to Scott, but he’s very quickly accepted and decided to join the Syracuse recruiting class of 2016.

Scott is undersized for the QB position at 6-feet, which is likely why he’s flown under the radar despite being the Louisiana class 5A reigning Player of the Year. As a junior, he threw for 3,196 yards and 39 touchdowns, and also has offers from Army, Air Force, Navy, Harvard, Alcorn State, Grambling, and New Mexico State, among others. Syracuse was his first Power 5 offer, and he wasted no time jumping not he opportunity. He had also recently been receiving significant interest from Cal.

Right now, Scott is the second quarterback to join the class of 2016, though it should be noted he has the capability to play multiple positions, particularly given his size. He’s a dynamic athlete, with a reported sub-4.5 time in the 40, and could wind up playing receiver or defensive back should the QB position not work out.

Now, the question is about whether the Orange are done at the QB position for the class of 2016. With limited spots left, it would seem reasonable to believe that, though Syracuse did also recently watch Zack Weatherly, and have had some continued interest from SMU pledge David Moore.

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