Syracuse University has officially announced six new additions to the Orange football coaching staff, as word from the University has been released that Brian Ward, Sean Lewis, Kim McCloud, Tom Kaufman, Nick Monroe, and Mike Lynch will join head coach Dino Babers.

This is information we already knew, of course, but it’s now firmly, finally, completely official. Of course some openings still remain on the staff, especially after Chris Beatty did an about-face and went to Maryland rather than sticking with Syracuse. We’re still waiting to hear on a running backs coach, a tight ends coach, and a defensive line coach as we move forward.

Ward will be taking on the defensive coordinator duties, while Kaufman and Monroe will be assisting on defense as the linebackers and secondary coaches, respectively. Kaufman will also be coaching special teams. Over on offense, Lewis and Lynch will remain co-Offensive Coordinators, a role they shared at Bowling Green. Lewis will also coach the quarterbacks, and Lynch will handle offensive line duties. McCloud will be both the assistant head coach as well as the man in charge of wide receivers.

Syracuse could still hire one more receivers coach as well, as McCloud split duties with Andy Sowder last year at Bowling Green. Sowder stayed on at BGSU as part of the new staff there.

With the American Football Coaches Association convention coming up this weekend, be on the lookout for the rest of the staff to be rounded out and announced within the next week or two. The AFCA convention is basically a massive networking event, where coaches seldom attend without many, many copies of their resumes in hand.

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