Lots of people – magazines, websites, random guys named Slappy Joe who like to shout profanity at you in the gas station parking lot – have released their take on the preseason top 25 for the 2016-2017 college basketball season. This morning, USA Today released the first one that actually counts: the coaches poll.

Syracuse, as you can probably tell from the headline, comes in ranked No. 17 in the nation in this first poll, one of five ACC teams ranked in the top 25. Duke comes in at No. 1, as expected, while North Carolina is No. 6, Virginia is No. 7, and Louisville settles in at No. 14.

Coming in one spot ahead of Syracuse in the preseason poll is Connecticut, who the Orange will square off against in December. The Orange will also take on Wisconsin in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge at the tail end of November, and the Badgers open the year ranked No. 10 in the nation.

Among the noteworthy teams just missing the cut are Florida State (No. 26), Miami (No. 29), Notre Dame (No. 34), Virginia Tech (No. 36), Clemson (No. 42), and Pittsburgh (No. 45). Which just adds up to the ACC once again being pretty damn loaded this season.

Not coming close to making the cut: Boston College.

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