If you happen to live outside of Central New York (like I do), and you’re a Syracuse football fan (like I am), you’ve no doubt been disappointed with your inability to check out the football team’s spring game. Well, fear not, and put away that $20 you were going to give a friend to get him to FaceTime the whole thing, because it’s just been announced that you’ll be able to watch it on ACC Network Extra.

Specifically, at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern) on Saturday, April 22 you’ll be able to locate the “Spring Showcase” either on WatchESPN or, if you’re lucky, on one of the dozens of extra channels ESPN has on DIRECTV.

This is good news if you want to get your first look at what the team looks like heading into 2017, with plenty of young players getting their first real (or at least, extended) opportunity. It’s still unclear what exactly the format will look like, but considering Dino Babers has played the song “Smooth” before basically every practice since he’s been with the Orange, and therefore seems awfully fond of routine, you can probably pretty safely bet it’ll look a lot like last year’s format.

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