Hey guys! Welcome back for another addition of Throwback Thursday. Or considering some of the players in the game above, maybe it should be…ahem…Throwdown Thursday! No, no actually let’s not do that. Sorry. Anyway, to the game!

Tonight, Boeheim’s Army takes on the Untouchables – a group of Pitt alums, mostly – in the quarterfinals of The Basketball Tournament. As I mentioned yesterday, that makes it a good time to stoke our disdain for Pitt. One of the best ways I know how to do that is actually to revel in one of the most enjoyable victories Syracuse has ever had against the Panthers.

I’m talking, of course, about the Tyler Ennis game. It’s fitting the game took place just before Valentine’s Day, because it solidified the love every Orange fan had for the freshman point guard. Syracuse was ranked #1 in the nation and 23-0 heading into the game, which was played in Pittsburgh.

With 4.4 seconds left (how fitting, really, that was the number on the clock when the play started), the Orange looked on the verge of taking their first loss. Pitt led 56-55, and the Orange needed to not only advance the ball all the way up the court, but also get a good shot and, hopefully, make it.

Oh boy, did they ever.

Ennis took the inbound pass and got across half court, pulling up from 35 feet…and burying a three at the buzzer. The calm, cool, and collected freshman from Canada allowed himself a moment of confident cockiness and jogged down toward the Pitt student section to bask in his game winner. Ennis finished the game with 13 points and five assists, while CJ Fair paced the team with 14.

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t the prettiest game in the world. But even mediocre movies are remembered as great when they’ve got an incredible ending, and the Ennis buzzer beater made this one an instant classic. Most of us went back and rewatched that play over, and over, and over again.

And now, since it’s Throwback Thursday on the day Boeheim’s Army will be looking to break Pitt’s heart again…check out the video of the entire game up above. It’ll be an hour and a half well spent.

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