Well, Syracuse University hoops fans, if you’ve been looking for a new team to root for given how horrendously bad the Knicks are, look no more: according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, it appears that a trade is imminent that would land both Michael Carter-Williams and Tyler Ennis with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Obviously, at the time I’m publishing this, it hasn’t gone final. But it appears this is a deal that is all but done right now. MCW and Ennis never played together at Syracuse, with MCW leaving after his sophomore year, while Ennis was initially recruited as his backup. And then when MCW exploded and led the team to the Final Four, he became a lottery pick and won NBA Rookie of the Year honors, putting Ennis in the driver’s seat of Jim Boeheim’s Ferrari.

Or I guess since this is Jimmy B we’re talking about, it was probably more like a Toyota Tercel. Maybe a Ford Taurus, if we’re being generous. Or your grandfather’s old Cadillac if we’re being super generous. And we all know exactly which model Caddy I’m talking about, because everyone’s grandfather had the same one. Either way.

Ennis hasn’t played much this season for the Phoenix Suns, who are suddenly going from an overabundance of point guards to quickly unloading them. Not only are they about to deal Ennis and Isaiah Thomas, but they also traded away Goran Dragic to the Miami Heat.

All that matters, though, is that you need to run out and buy a Bucks jersey. Maybe get Kaleb Joseph’s name printed on there, considering that based on this recent trend, he’ll wind up in Milwaukee sooner rather than later.

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