You may or may not have noticed, but today is St. Patrick’s Day. The day was established to honor the patron saint of Ireland with a religious feast, kind of like an Irish Thanksgiving but with a heaping helping of Catholic guilt in place of yams and cranberry sauce. These days, though, St. Paddy’s Day has become synonymous with a day of heavy drinking from dawn until dusk. And since I’m a big fan of stereotypes, I thought I’d try my best to perpetuate at least the drunken aspect of St. Paddy’s Day.

It’s okay though, because I’m Irish, and so far today I haven’t punched any Englishmen. Keep in mind that the day is young.

So with that in mind, here’s the only Syracuse Orange self-imposed drinking song you’ll need on this St. Paddy’s Day. Just start up the music and sing along to the traditional Irish music of Saint Drew Carey, who pondered the eternal question, whose line is it, anyway?

Verse one

Well in the town of Syracuse,
There was a man named Jim,
He won so many hoops games that
They named a court after him!

Verse two

But Jimmy he was stubborn,
And like to curse and snark,
He irked the pryin’ NCAA,
The soddin’ mess was a lark!

Verse three

Now Kent was on the warpath,
And vowed he would appeal,
The whole thing it was malarkey,
And he defended Jim with zeal!

Verse four

Now the appeal will take awhile,
‘Cause that Emmert’s a shady fellow,
So sit back relax and head to Chuck’s,
And grab a pint with ol’ Fab Melo!



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