Hey look everyone, Kentucky is still ranked No. 1 in our weekly top 10. Ho, hum. The top five remain the same, albeit in a slightly different order following the Wildcats. Duke drops from No. 2 to No. 4, but that’s mainly because there was a total of one point separating the Blue Devils, Badgers, and Virginia. Virginia was the lucky recipient of that one extra point, so they move up to second, while Wisconsin and Duke had the same number of points and, since Wisconsin was rated higher on more ballots, they get the nod for third over Coach K’s team.

Notre Dame is back into the top 10, while Louisville – not surprisingly – drops out and didn’t receive a single vote.

1. Kentucky (LW: 1)
2. Virginia (LW: 4)
3. Wisconsin (LW: 3)
4. Duke (LW: 2)
5. Gonzaga (LW: 5)
6. Villanova (LW: 9)
7. Arizona (LW: 7)
8. Kansas (LW: 10)
9. Notre Dame (LW: NR)
10. Utah (LW: 9)

Also receiving votes: Oklahoma (1), Iowa State (1)

Not quite making the cut this week is Arkansas State, thanks largely to the recent four game skid the Red Wolves have suffered through, along with dropping six of their last seven overall on their way to a 9-14 record. Don’t worry, Arkansas State! There’s always next week!

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