Look, if you go on the road and beat the previously unbeaten, previously No. 2-ranked team in the country, you’re going to jump in the standings. That’s precisely how Duke was able to swap spots with Virginia this week, with the Blue Devils vaulting from fifth to second, while the Hoos fell from second to fifth in the Otto’s Grove Top 10.

Other than that big shift in the top five, things stayed pretty consistent with Kentucky holding on to the top spot while, for the second week in a row, Wisconsin and Gonzaga flipped the third and fourth spots in the poll. Arizona and Kansas stayed put, Louisville made a move up the rankings, and Utah dropped out while Villanova re-entered the mix.

1. Kentucky (LW: 1)
2. Duke (LW: 5)
3. Wisconsin (LW: 4)
4. Gonzaga (LW: 3)
5. Virginia (LW: 2)
6. Arizona (LW: 6)
7. Kansas (LW: 7)
8. Louisville (LW: 10)
9. Villanova (LW: NR)
10. Notre Dame (LW: 9)

Also receiving votes: Utah (2), Iowa State (1)

Kentucky is probably going coast to coast as the OG’s consensus No. 1-ranked team at this point. It’s become pretty clear who the top six or seven teams are this year, in some order, and after that there are a bunch of squads that could make some noise come tournament time. Just missing out on cracking the Otto’s Grove Top 10 this week is Florida A&M, as the Rattlers were edged 61-44 by Bethune-Cookman to drop to 0-21 on the year.

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