Another week, another instance of the Kentucky Wildcats holding the top spot in the Otto’s Grove College Hoops top 10 rankings. Kentucky is still unbeaten, and that’s clearly not going to change barring a monumental, historic upset before the NCAA Tournament, meaning this iteration of the Wildcats is a serious contender to threaten Indiana’s status as the only program to ever put together a coast to coast, unbeaten, perfect season capped off by a national title.

The top two spots remain unchanged, with Duke holding steady at number four. Gonzaga and Wisconsin flip flopped, with the Zags jumping from five to three, while the Badgers fell from three to five. There’s no real reason, other than the eye test causing folks to change their minds from one week to the next about each of these teams. In any event, the top seven have been pretty consistent, particularly with Villanova and Arizona remaining at six and seven, respectively.

Notre Dame jumps up a spot, Utah falls out, and Northern Iowa jumps in at number 10.

1. Kentucky (LW: 1)
2. Virginia (LW: 2)
3. Gonzaga (LW: 5)
4. Duke (LW: 4)
5. Wisconsin (LW: 3)
6. Villanova (LW: 6)
7. Arizona (LW: 7)
8. Notre Dame (LW: 9)
9. Kansas (LW: 8)
10. Northern Iowa (LW: NR)

Also receiving votes: Wichita State (1)

The biggest story here is that, outside of the top nine, only one program was not a unanimous top 10 selection. Northern Iowa was on all but one ballot, with Wichita State getting that last vote, meaning that as we head toward March, the top 10 teams in the nation are beginning to finally take shape, and there’s not nearly as much discussion about who does and doesn’t belong.

Not quite making the cut this week were the Longwood Lancers, who have unfortunately lost six of their last seven games, and now sit on a record of 8-22 after most recently falling to Coastal Carolina last night by a score of 72-59. Better luck next time, Lancers!

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