Another week, another poll with Kentucky staying top dog in the world of college basketball. The Wildcats and Virginia are the lone two unbeatens left, though Virginia had to survive a scare from Virginia Tech last week that would have sent them tumbling down the rankings if the Hokies had managed to pull off the monumental upset. The biggest movement came from Villanova, which dropped from No. 5 last week straight out of the poll after the Wildcats got pounded by Georgetown.

The lessen, as always, is that never let a Syracuse fan watch you get dominated by the Hoyas if you want to retain his respect.

1. Kentucky (LW: 1)
2. Virginia (LW: 2)
3. Gonzaga (LW: 4)
4. Wisconsin (LW: 3)
5. Duke (LW: 6)
6. Arizona (LW: 7)
7. Kansas (LW: NR)
8. Utah (LW: 9)
9. Notre Dame (LW: NR)
10. Louisville (LW: 10)

Also receiving votes: Villanova (2), North Carolina (1)

A few other shake ups in the top 10, as Notre Dame and Kansas re-enter the rankings, while Iowa State joins Villanova in slipping out. Gonzaga and Wisconsin flip-flopped, much to the chagrin of at least one of our voters, I’m sure. But no matter what happens with the Zags in March, you can’t deny that Mark Few just keeps churning out those wins.

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