You may have noticed, but probably didn’t, that we wound up taking last week off from the Otto’s Grove Top 10. I know, you’re extremely disappointed, but let’s be honest: there wasn’t much change involved. But now as we gear up for March Madness, it seemed like we needed to release one final Top 10 poll for the 2014-2015 regular season. This will be the last of the year, and it ends like it began: with Kentucky and Duke dominating the whole damn thing.

Kentucky went coast to coast as the number one team in America in every poll around the nation, and deservedly so. After that, there was some back and forth shuffling between Duke, Virginia, and Wisconsin, with Gonzaga and Villanova hanging around the edges of the top five. This week’s top 10 turned out to be close to a consensus, with only one extra team getting any votes. It appears that, going into the conference tournaments, the top teams are all pretty well agreed upon.

1. Kentucky (LW: 1)
2. Duke (LW: 4)
3. Virginia (LW: 2)
4. Villanova (LW: 6)
5. Wisconsin (LW: 5)
6. Arizona (LW: 7)
7. Gonzaga (LW: 3)
8. Maryland (LW: NR)
9. Kansas (LW: 9)
10. Notre Dame (LW: 8)

Also receiving votes: Northern Iowa (3)

So as you can see, Maryland was the big mover, going from not even receiving votes two weeks ago to number eight in this week’s poll, while Gonzaga fell the hardest while we were away, dropping four slots down to seven.

Just missing out on cracking this week’s rankings is Grambling State, which finishes the 2014-2015 regular season with a record of 2-26 overall and 0-18 in the SWAC. But hey, Grambling still has time to turn it around, and I know I’ll be rooting for them when they square off against Alcorn State tomorrow in the SWAC Tournament! I mean after all, they only lost their two games against Alcorn by an average of 8.0 points per game this season. You can do it, Tigers. I believe in you.

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