Well, we’ve gotten started on the Sweet Sixteen, and half of the Elite Eight has already punched their respective tickets. Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Kentucky, and Arizona are all moving on to play on Saturday, and today we’ll find out the other four teams who will join them in the round that sounds like you need to wear a monocle and eat caviar to compete.

With that in mind, it feels like a good time to check in on our Self-Imposed Tournament Challenge. Our 44 participants run the gamut from solid performances to absolutely piddling, with the current leader, Todd4SU, sitting in the 97.9th percentile nation-wide. Five entrants are tied for second and sit at the 96.3rd percentile, and somewhat amazingly, only two of those top six performers have picked Kentucky to win the title so it’s really anyone’s game. Well, except for hoov50, who’s waaaay down there in the 2.6th percentile, because he apparently let a blind, drunk, chihuahua make his picks for him this year.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: how are the good folks at Otto’s Grove doing in their own Self-Imposed Challenge? Well, two of our members are currently sitting in 7th and 10th place, while the (unofficial) Official Otto’s Grove bracket is in a seven way tie for 18th place, in the 69th percentile. As it turns out, picking Virginia to make it to the Final Four, and Iowa State and Northern Iowa to advance to the Elite Eight, were poor decisions.

At this point, the road to the Self-Imposed Tournament Challenge crown is up for grabs. Now the question is, does anyone actually want it?

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