Look, it’s a bummer that our beloved Syracuse Orange are both done with the 2014-2015 season, and weren’t good enough to have earned a berth in the NCAA Tournament anyway. But if you’re like us, you love college basketball anyway, even when she’s a cruel mistress and you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what the hell your punishments actually mean.

With that in mind, just because the Orange aren’t competing in the NCAA Tournament doesn’t mean we all can’t still enjoy the Big Dance, does it?

And that’s where the Otto’s Grove Self-Imposed Tournament Challenge comes in. This is a free, open to the public tournament pick ’em group run through, and anyone and everyone is encouraged to sign up and join in the fun as we decide bragging rights once and for all. Or at least, for this year. Unless I lose, in which case we’re all going to pretend this never happened, got it?

So go ahead, sign up for the OG Self-Imposed Tournament Challenge. Tell your friends. Tell their friends. Tell your dog, though he’s probably lacking the dexterity to actually sign up on his own. You can lend a hand or two, and maybe give him a belly rub, would that kill you?

Join us in the OG Self-Imposed Tournament Challenge, and you might just win a belly rub of your own. Sign up, won’t you? Otherwise it’s going to look pretty sad for me to just be hanging out in a tournament pick ’em group all by myself.

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