Alright folks, a couple things. One, we swear, we didn’t plan on the above picture reflecting the EXACT FINAL FOUR, including the left half being one matchup and the right half representing the other matchup. One is a battle for Detroit, while the other is a battle for, well, let’s say New York, I guess? That said, we have our Final Four, and let’s dive right in…

Admittedly, it’s a little sad to see that Pearl Washington only received 10 votes in his matchup against Gerry McNamara…and still won handily. After a major turnout in the opening round, apparently the eliminations of folks like Billy Gabor and Red Bruin scared a lot of folks off over the course of these last two rounds. Well damnit, that’s not going to stop us from surging ahead and keeping this tournament going. Spread the word, pass this thing around, and hell, give a dime to the vagrant outside of Starbucks to vote. Okay, so I realize that’s not a very PC thing to say. Give a dime to that “aspiring screenwriter” outside of Starbucks to vote.

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