Summer. Ugh. What a bummer time of year, right? Nothing but heat, sun, poolside beers, relaxation… okay, well maybe not such a bummer. But it is seriously lacking when it comes to Syracuse athletics. And that’s why The Basketball Tournament has been such a great part of each of the last two years.

In 2016, the Northeast’s number two seed Boeheim’s Army – led by the likes of Eric Devendorf and CJ Fair – fell to number three seed The Untouchables, which it still pains me to say was a group of Pitt alums. Pitt, unlike summer, truly is the worst. That took place in the regional semifinals.

In 2015, Boeheim’s Army was the top vote-getter in the entire tournament, but was knocked out late in the action by City of Gods in the Elite 8 of TBT despite 14 points from Hakim Warrick and 12 from Devendorf. To make matters worse, taking up just one spot on the roster but approximately 32 seats on the bench was former Georgetown Hoya and current city block Mike Sweetney, who took time out of his busy eating schedule to suit up for the event.

To recap: Boeheim’s Army was eliminated by a group of Pitt alums in 2016, and a guy who is the size of an entire group of Georgetown alums in 2015.

Well, Boeheim’s Army is trying to get back into The Basketball Tournament in 2017. Currently, players on the roster include Devendorf, Fair, Brandon Triche, Scoop Jardine, and Rick Jackson, with other names to emerge as we get closer to the start of the event. The team this year is set to be coached by former SU forward Ryan Blackwell, but Boeheim’s Army’s inclusion in the field – while certainly expected – is far from set in stone.

See, The Basketball Tournament, which has a prize of $2 million this summer for the winning team, will take the top nine eligible vote-getters from each region, with six at-large bids handed out. While Syracuse is currently sitting third in votes for the Northeast Region and, even if they fell out of the top nine, would almost certainly get an at-large bid, let’s not leave it to chance.

Instead, if you haven’t already, go vote for the team to make the field of 64. It’s easy, I’ll even save you the trouble of finding where to go by putting an easy, handy-dandy link RIGHT BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH!


It’s what JB Reafsnyder would want you to do. Probably. I mean, I don’t know why he wouldn’t want you to vote for Boeheim’s Army, anyway. You’d have to ask him about that, because I can’t presume to speak for him.

Anyway, go vote.

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