One of the big storylines for the Syracuse University basketball team this season is the return of the (hopefully) fully healthy Dajuan Coleman. But a side story that seems to be developing is the fact that, for whatever reason, no one can freaking agree on whether or not the “J” in his name should be capitalized. And since this is a kid in his fourth season with the program, don’t you think maybe it’s time we agreed on a universal spelling?

I just did a quick Twitter search, and among the first results, you can see it spelled both ways by various people:

That last one is interesting, considering Pete Moore is the Director of Athletic Communications at Syracuse. If anyone should know the proper spelling, it should be the people at Syracuse, right? Well, maybe not. Despite the fact that it’s spelled “DaJuan” on, the indications are that this spelling is, in fact, incorrect.

Look no farther than Dajuan’s Twitter account, where the man himself spells it “Dajuan.” If that wasn’t enough, I went straight to Mike Waters yesterday and asked him for clarification. This was his response:

You hear that, folks? Straight from both Dajuan and his mom, the “J” needs to be lowercase. Dajuan is going to be a crucial piece of the puzzle for the Orange this season. He’s a local kid, and he’s been in the program for a long time at this point. Can we all please get on the same page and spell his name the way he actually wants it spelled?


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