As I mentioned yesterday (and the day before, but let’s not get bogged down by semantics), I think it’s only a matter of time before Quade Green commits to Syracuse, giving the Orange their first piece of the 2017 recruiting puzzle. But if (or when) Green pledges to Jim Boeheim and his program, what kind of impact could that have not just this season, but heading into 2018, as well?

Now, let’s make one thing clear here: this is obviously pure speculation. Speculation with some facts behind it, but speculation nonetheless. While landing Green increases the likelihood things play out similarly to what I’m going to talk about, it’s obviously not remotely set in stone. It’s just laying out a plausible scenario or two.

Green has been Syracuse’s top target at point guard for awhile now, once it became clear Trevon Duval was not going to happen. Hell, the Orange started really switching gears and going hard after Green even before the Orange and Duval began drifting apart on the recruiting trail. Landing Green was always the most important thing, and it looks like patience and dedication in his recruitment will pay off (just as it did with Andrew White, whose recruitment was laid out marvelously by’s Mike Waters this morning).

The early signing period is coming up quickly, and it’s looking increasingly likely that by the time November rolls around, Quade Green will be pledged to the Orange.

So… who is next?

It’s an interesting scenario to watch unfold, because while we often hear about package deals and guys wanting to play with other elite talent, it doesn’t always work out. Mostly, those types of things fall through in football recruiting, however. It tends to happen a lot more often in the basketball world, though. A lot of that has to do with EYBL and AAU ball, and elite prospects playing with and against each other at camps and tournaments.

That’s where Quade Green comes in.

Green has an extraordinary reputation on the EYBL circuit, and through his time playing with Team USA. He’s a born leader and a fierce competitor who loves to get his teammates involved. And you may have noticed that top level talent likes to play alongside a guy who is going to work to get them the ball, and who is a proven winner.

So Quade Green isn’t just a hot commodity among college coaches. Playing alongside him is enticing to a lot of big-time prospects – two of which could follow him to Syracuse this season.

The first is Brandon Randolph, the sweet shooting, 6-foot-6 guard who I also mentioned yesterday as being a very strong possibility to wind up in Orange. Randolph is an EYBL teammate of Quade Green’s, so they already have a strong rapport. Syracuse has a good chance to land Randolph already; it goes up even more if they’ve got Green in the fold.

And then, if Green and Randolph are both locked up, you really open up the possibility for a monster class. See, Green and Randolph have another PSA Cardinals teammate you may have heard of: Mo Bamba. Bamba also plays his high school ball with Randolph at the Westtown School in Pennsylvania. I mentioned yesterday that Bamba’s recruitment is one of the most difficult to get a feel for in the class of 2017, but if his teammates Green and Randolph are on board with the Orange, then Syracuse’s chances improve dramatically.

Bamba already listed Syracuse among his top seven, and while I think it’s farfetched, and don’t really believe he’ll pick the Orange, the potential domino effect that starts with Green could potentially give Jim Boeheim the most talented player in the entire 2017 recruiting class.

But the domino effect doesn’t just stop with the 2017 class, either. Landing Quade Green right now could potentially have huge implications on 2018. Not because of someone Green plays with, but because of someone Randolph and Bamba play with at the Westtown School: Cam Reddish.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Cam Reddish is Carmelo v2.0, and is Syracuse’s most important recruit in the 2018 class. He’s a dynamic, 6-foot-8 swingman who can handle and pass like a guard and score inside and out. He’s an elite player, and a game changer. And by landing Green, if that also lands Randolph and Bamba, it only increases the odds of also landing Reddish.

Obviously, Bamba wouldn’t be at Syracuse by the time Reddish gets to college. It’s a virtual certainty that Bamba will be a one and done player, and could very well be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft in 2018. But by establishing a relationship with the folks at the Westtown School, and by having two of Reddish’s teammates as proponents working on their former teammate on behalf of the Orange, you have to imagine it’d make an impact on the talented small forward.

Now, again, this is all speculation. There are so many moving parts when it comes to recruiting it’s crazy. And this may not even cover the potential impact that landing Quade Green could have on how things shake out in this, and future, recruiting classes. But make no mistake: landing Quade Green could have a significant impact on the recruitments of Randolph, Bamba, and Reddish, among others.

Now, let’s just get that Orange pledge from our future star point guard.

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