Syracuse, for the uninitiated, is also known as the Salt City. I’d like to think it’s because of how salty we get when anyone dares show us disrespect, but it’s really because of the salt springs that made the salt industry so prosperous there once upon a time.

But there’s no denying that, as a group, we Syracuse fans are incredibly salty. Salty when you say a bad word about Jim Boeheim (unless we’re the ones saying it; we can criticize him, but we’ll be damned if we let you do it), salty when you take shots at our football program, and never saltier than when our history is questioned.

Just look at the ACC men’s basketball Twitter accounts tournament this past week to determine the greatest player from current ACC schools over the last 50 years, which ended with four Orangemen making up the Final Four, much to the annoyance of other fanbases from the traditional ACC schools.

If anything, the ACC tournament showed that Syracuse fans are either among the most passionate in the nation, the most stubborn, have the most time on their hands during this lockdown, or some combination of all three. And I’ll be honest, it was fun taking shots at other programs as they bitched and moaned about Big East players ruining their precious Twitter tournament.

(Carmelo topped Derrick Coleman in the final, for those who don’t visit Twitter.)

And that got me thinking: are we the saltiest fanbase in the ACC? Who else can challenge our claim to the throne? The general consensus is that NC State is the biggest contender, but after that it gets a little murky. That’s why I started thinking about potentially putting together a Twitter bracket of my own. This time, to determine the saltiest fanbase in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Of course, it’s tough to determine who should be seeded where. And frankly, I started wondering if perhaps I should exclude Syracuse from the bracket. After all, if you include Notre Dame (which I do, since they’re ACC in everything but football), there are 15 teams. That doesn’t make for a very balanced bracket. And after the last week, we’ve shown that if there’s anything Syracuse fans thoroughly enjoy doing as a group, it’s dominating Twitter polls.

So let’s say we toss Syracuse out of the mix, for the simple reason that it’d be boring to watch the Orange crush opponents all the way through the tournament on their way to yet another meaningless social media championship. Then you’re left with 14 fanbases, two of which would receive first round byes.

The big question remains, however: how would you seed them? Who do you consider especially salty among Syracuse fanbases? Who is particularly petty, carries a chip on their shoulder, plays the disrespect card, and in general is just annoyingly whiny among ACC fans?

The contenders: Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Miami, UNC, NC State, Notre Dame, Pitt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest.

I’ve got some thoughts on who slots in where but I don’t want to influence the vote. Instead, I want your help in determining the seeding. Hit me up in the replies on Twitter and Facebook and tell me who should be ranked where, and based on the amount of social media feedback I get, I may or may not also let some of my own thoughts trickle into the equation to set the field with hopes of starting this thing up later in the week – again, depending on how much I hear back from you all, and how thorough your rankings are (as in, not just ranking the top 3 or 4, and instead telling me your thoughts, 1-through-14).

And yes, I’m sticking with 14. We all know we’d vote for Syracuse every round, so the Orange are out. We’re the saltiest. We all know it.

So I guess the real question is: who’s playing for runner-up?

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