First things first: happy birthday, America! Even though technically, independence was voted on July 2 and the Declaration wasn’t completed and signed for, like, a month following that according to most historians. Whatever, we’re not here for a history lesson. We’re here to talk about the potential missing piece to another Final Four run: Andrew White.

The 6-foot-7 swingman, originally from Virginia but who has spent his college career at Kansas and, most recently, Nebraska, visited Syracuse last weekend. That visit came shortly after he declared his intention to become a graduate transfer. So far, there haven’t been any reports of additional visits scheduled, and it would appear that Louisville is the primary competition for the 41% three point shooter.

So when will White make a decision? The timing of such a decision actually matters here, because the longer we go without hearing anything, the lower the odds get of him ultimately picking Syracuse. I mean, that’s just logic. Syracuse’s second summer session beginsĀ tomorrow, and while it’s not essential for White to participate, you would think that if Syracuse is the choice, he’d want to get up and start working out with his new teammates ASAP.

After all, that’s what Syracuse’s other graduate transfer, John Gillon, is doing. If Syracuse is the choice for White, you would think we would probably hear something today…right?

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty confident about Syracuse’s chances of landing White based on a couple things I’d been hearing. But now an additional 24 hours have passed, and no news has come out. And as I mentioned, no news of any other impending visits to Louisville or anywhere else has come out, though remember that the visit to Syracuse was never publicly announced – it was only discovered (publicly) through White’s Snapchat account.

Since then, White has gone silent on social media. There haven’t been any hints about what his thought process is at the moment. In truth, we don’t even know what factors he’s looking for in making his decision. It could be a shot at a national title. It could be a chance to better showcase his talents for the NBA (remember, Nebraska hasn’t had a draft pick sine 1999). It could be a chance to get closer to home – he’s from a tight knit family, and this is why I think that VCU could remain a dark horse in this race.

Here’s my line of thinking, though: if White decides today, then it’s pretty much guaranteed to be Syracuse. If we get through the end of the day and still haven’t heard anything, while that doesn’t mean the Orange are out of the picture, the odds of SU getting what could be the last piece of a championship-caliber team would seem to go down significantly.

Obviously, it’s all speculation at this point. White is playing things close to the chest, and no doubt doing his due diligence in making this decision. He’s already been to two schools, and this is his last shot in college. It’s not surprising that he’s taking a bit of time and making sure he picks the right program.

But if you’re a Syracuse fan, you’re certainly hoping the decision comes sooner than later. The sooner the choice, the better it is for Syracuse.

Now go overeat at the family barbecue and stop worrying about what some player from Nebraska is going to do. I’ll do enough worrying to cover us all, I assure you.

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