We all have our favorite Syracuse basketball players. Over the years some of us have grown to love guys like Carmelo, and Bing, and Owens, and for me, especially Lazarus Sims. But the question has always remained, who is the ultimate Orangeman?

That’s what we’re asking you to help us decide. We’ve opened up a nomination process in which we hope people will venture into the Otto’s Grove forums and submit a list of their top 40 Orangemen, ranked from 1-40, with the top 32 average vote getters being placed into Otto’s Ultimate Orangeman Challenge.

Once the field is set, we’ll be posting brackets here on Otto’s Grove with results updated as the votes continue to come up as soon as the tournament gets underway. Voting will take place on the Otto’s Grove forums, so keep checking back and participate. We need every Syracuse fan we can to have their say in determining the Ultimate Orangeman.

Click here to visit the forum and start ranking!


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