This weekend is NBA All-Star Weekend, and while the Dunk Contest has fallen on hard times over the last decade or so, it’s always been right up there with the Home Run Derby as the best All-Star event in any of the professional sports leagues. That, and the fact that Hakim Warrick’s dunk over Texas in the 2003 Final Four was named as one of the greatest college dunks of all-time, got me thinking about the greatest dunkers Syracuse University has had over the last 25 years.

Now, there’s a reason that I went with 25 years, and that’s because 25 years ago was the senior season for Stevie Thompson, one of the most exciting dunkers in Syracuse basketball history. There have been plenty of great dunkers over the years, and some outstanding individual dunks, too. Jonny Flynn’s posterization of Mike Rosario at Rutgers is an all-time great, but ┬áhe dunked so infrequently that he’s not going to be making the list.

No one from this year’s team is on the list either, though based on his performance against Boston College the other night, Kaleb Joseph might eventually make a case to be included. I mean, look at this:

But for our purposes here, we’re looking at the body of work of each individual, and I’ve narrowed it down to six of the best from the last two and a half decades. Obviously, not everyone could make the list, so if there’s a glaring omission from 1990 on, vote for “other” and have your say in the comments.

Stephen Thompson

Hakim Warrick

CJ Fair

Wesley Johnson

Jerami Grant

Dave Johnson

So, who’s the best? Vote below, and add more thoughts in the comments below:

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