With the addition of Tyus Battle to the 2016 Syracuse basketball recruiting class, it got me thinking about point guard play in the history of the Orange hoops program. Jim Boeheim has seen his fair share of great floor generals, and we’re all hoping that Battle will join those ranks in what will likely be his only season at Syracuse.

There are some obvious choices, and some point guards you’ll probably notice are absent. Guys like Scoop Jardine, Allen Griffin, and Eddie Moss missed the cut, and the great Dave Bing – despite being labeled as a point guard in some places, was pretty clearly a scoring guard, so I’m keeping him in that category. It’s also tough to measure guys who played just a season or two against players who lasted three or four years in the program, so stacking up a Tyler Ennis against, say, a Dennis DuVal is a little tricky because of longevity.

So what say you, Orange Nation? Who was the best point guard in Syracuse history? I have a sneaking suspicion I know how this one is going to play out, but it’ll be fun to see which other players get votes here and there…

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