Earlier today, Mike Waters reported that former Syracuse forward Paul Harris, who was set to make his Boeheim’s Army debut this weekend, will instead have to bow out of The Basketball Tournament.

According to the report by Waters, Harris had scheduling conflicts on some of the dates of competition, and chose to pull himself off the roster in an effort to avoid disrupting team chemistry. That takes the number of players currently available for Boeheim’s Army down to eight as they get ready for their first game on Saturday night.

So, who else will be suiting up for Boeheim’s Army when they take the court? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a spotty memory and need occasional reminders about such things, so let’s break it down…


Out of the eight players on the roster, only three are guards so all three should get plenty of action as long as the team stays alive in the tournament. Eric Devendorf is of course back as the face of the squad, alongside Brandon Triche and John Gillon.

The good news is if, in a pinch, another guard is needed, someone like Kris Joseph could slide over to the shooting guard position for a few minutes here and there.


As mentioned above, Kris Joseph joins Boeheim’s Army for the first time, and the 6-foot-7 wing will offer coach Ryan Blackwell plenty of flexibility and versatility. He’s joined in the frontcourt by Hakim Warrick, Demetris Nichols, and James Southerland.

With Nichols and Southerland, along with Devendorf, Triche, and Gillon, there’s no question that Boeheim’s Army should be one of the best perimeter shooting teams in the whole field, particularly given the fact Joseph and Warrick have also been known to knock down a few threes as well.


I really could have stopped at “center” because there’s only one on the roster: DaShonte Riley, the former Orange big man who wound up transferring to Eastern Michigan.

The good news is that much like Joseph could spend some time at shooting guard, Warrick could (and likely will) see time in the middle. And given the shooting ability of the team and how much Golden State has made small-ball in fashion, a lineup that’s something along the lines of Devendorf, Triche, Joseph, Nichols, and Warrick is probably something you’re going to see a lot of. Still plenty of size with no one in that lineup smaller than 6-foot-4, and that’s a really, really talented offensive quintet.

In the past, The Basketball Tournament has utilized “ringers” to be added to rosters later on in the action, but so far I haven’t seen any word on whether that’ll be added back or not. If it is later an option, the question becomes who Boeheim’s Army decides to add.

For now, while you wait for Saturday’s game (which tips off at 6:50 p.m. Eastern, opponent TBD), head over to the Boeheim’s Army page and sign up to support the team. It doesn’t cost you anything, and gives Boeheim’s Army some bragging rights if we can have the most fans of any squad in the bracket.

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