Well, it seems like we just did this, doesn’t it? But after weeks of virtually zero news, the last 24 hours – to quote that nerdy guy at Area 51 in Independence Day – “have been really exciting.” Or potentially very depressing. At the very least, it’s been a continuation of the roller coaster that is Andrew White’s recruitment.

After eliminating Michigan State from consideration, Syracuse seemed to be in prime position to land the 6-foot-7 swingman from Richmond, Virginia. Yes, things have been dragging out, but as the only Power 5 school really in contention for his services, it seemed like the Orange would ultimately come out on top for what could prove to be the one missing piece from a national title run.

And then, Jon Rothstein reported that White isn’t quite done with visits yet.

Oh. Well, that’s not good.

I know what you’re saying: “Miami? But why?”

Well, first of all, it’s obviously another Power 5 school. And in the ACC, to boot. I can tell you right now that, for most people familiar with Andrew White’s situation, Miami was the program everyone was worried about. And the reasoning is pretty simple, actually: Andrew White has some serious connections to the Hurricane coaching staff.

First of all, Jim Larranaga was coaching in Virginia, at George Mason, up until just a few years ago. But more importantly, Miami has an ace in the hole when it comes to landing the prolific three point shooter: Jamal Brunt.


You probably don’t know the name, but he could be the key in this whole situation. You see, before Brunt landed at Miami, he was an assistant coach at Richmond. As in, the hometown college of Andrew White. And yes, the two are most definitely familiar with each other, and the Whites reportedly think very highly of Brunt. Brunt coached at Richmond for 10 years, giving him plenty of time to watch White and his brother, Andrien, grow up playing ball.

This isn’t over, obviously. But with Miami in the picture and getting what amounts to a last minute visit, I’m vastly less confident in Syracuse’s chances of locking up White anytime soon. I think Syracuse could still snag the All-Big Ten selection, but frankly, I think Miami should be considered the new favorite.

Stay tuned.

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