It feels like this was long overdue. And it also feels like the absolute right thing to have happened as we get closer to kickoff for the 2016 season. Zack Mahoney, the walk-on QB who was thrust into action last season and held up remarkably well against stiff competition, is a walk-on no more. The guy I’m pretty sure is going to wind up a team captain sooner or later is officially on scholarship.

“One of the things we’ve always looked at when awarding walk-ons scholarships is if they give our family an opportunity to win when they go into the game,” Babers said in a statement on “The way Zack played last year, particularly the way he led this football team against LSU and Clemson, along with the way he’s prepared so far this year with our staff, there’s no doubt in my mind if there’s anyone deserving of a scholarship it’s Zack Mahoney.”

Congratulations to Zack. This has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled for him. He’s incredibly deserving of it.

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