I didn’t really want to get into this, because I think the entire thing has been blown completely out of proportion and, at the end of the day, it’s an example of the media building a mountain from a molehill. But there’s one part of the ridiculously stupid “controversy” about Scott Shafer throwing a little shade at Jimbo Fisher for not including Everett Golson on Florida State’s injury report last week.

For those who missed it, on Shafer’s radio show last night, Matt Park asked Syracuse’s head coach point blank what he thought about Golson being left off of the report, and how it impacted preparation for the Seminoles. Here’s the part of Shafer’s reply people are taking umbrage to:

You try to be a gentleman with those situations, and some are. And some incidences guys have reasons for not being a gentleman, I guess.

The latest member of the media to take issue with this is a paper down in Florida, the Palm Beach Post. And they decided that it was appropriate to compare Shafer’s comments to something he said earlier this season with regard to Eric Dungey’s status. Here’s the specific quote they point to:

I hate the fact that you guys always want to give the specifics out because really, it doesn’t help our cause.

And you know what? In this instance, it’s absolutely, completely, 100%, without question comparing apples to oranges. In the case of Eric Dungey (this was after the Central Michigan game), the freshman QB was, in fact, listed on the injury report. He was simply listed as having an upper body injury, and the specifics of his injury were left out of the report.

In the case of Golson? He was left off the report altogether. He wasn’t even listed as being questionable, despite the fact that it must have been pretty clear he was going to be close to a game-time decision (which, as it turns out, was exactly the case: news broke that he would be sitting out only a couple hours before kickoff). Instead, not only was he left off the injury report, but Fisher consistently said throughout the week that he expected Golson to play, including telling the media that was the plan the day before the game.

So how the hell are people comparing what happened with Eric Dungey to what happened with Everett Golson? It’s not even in the same universe. It was made abundantly clear that Dungey would sit against LSU. It was strongly suggested that Golson would play against Syracuse.

So what if the details of Dungey’s injury were kept vague? Does that change the fact that it was widely known he wouldn’t be under center? He could have had a terrible case of explosive diarrhea (not to suggest an individual as marvelous as Eric Dungey ever suffers from such ugly bowel movements) and been forced to sit out. It wouldn’t have changed the gameplan one bit for LSU, right?

Could Shafer have maybe refrained from throwing a little shade Jimbo’s way? Sure. But at the end of the day, this is a complete non-issue, and frankly, the people comparing Golson being left off the injury report altogether to Dungey being put on the injury report but under vague terms are wildly off base. It’s not a remotely similar situation, so can we pretty please just let it drop?

Last I checked, we have a game to play tomorrow. Maybe focus more on that, and less on the phrasing of some ultimately inconsequential thing Shafer said on his small, local radio show?

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