Guys, I’m tired.

I mean, it’s after midnight where I live (Texas), so I mean that literally and physically. But I also mean it emotionally. In case you didn’t notice, we’re living through a pretty fucked up time.

Seriously… 2020 is a fucking bitch. Let’s put aside Covid-19. Let’s put aside what promises to be one of the most contentious and potentially divisive presidential elections in more than a century. Instead, let’s focus on what, unfortunately, has been a recurring nightmare for years. No, for decades. Shit… for centuries.

I’m so fucking tired of the racial inequality in this country. I’m so fucking tired of the way that people of color are treated as “less than” and dehumanized. I’m just SO. FUCKING. TIRED.

Ever since I started this site about five years ago, I’ve tried to steer clear of politics. No one gives a shit about what I think, and I don’t think for a second that anything I say will influence anyone one way or the other in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been accused of being egotistical in the past, but I’m not remotely arrogant enough to believe I have any legitimate sway when it comes to public opinion, because honestly… who gives a flying fuck what I think?

And honestly… that’s why I’m finally ready to say screw it, when it comes to the whole “stick to sports” crowd. I’ve never talked much about my political beliefs on social media, at least in terms of my Syracuse-related social media. I guess I never wanted to alienate anyone, because I’m fully aware that among my 4,000-plus followers, an awful lot of them lean conservative. And that’s their right, and most of them are probably decent human beings who actually do value a lot of the same things that I value. I’ve got staunch conservatives in my family tree, and I work with some extremely right wing people who I get along with just fine.

I get along with them because we don’t talk about politics. We don’t talk about religion. We avoid talking about things that could make things uncomfortable, and honestly, that’s probably for the best in a work environment. But this isn’t a work environment. This is a hobby. It’s something I’ve always done just for kicks. It’s always been about expressing my opinions, primarily when it comes to Syracuse sports and Syracuse recruiting.

But man… look at what’s happening in the world tonight. And this week. And, fuck. For months and years and decades. George Floyd’s death is a goddamn tragedy and everyone involved belongs in prison. His death is also, sadly, not even close to the first public display of authorities exhibiting behavior that is either 1) racially driven, 2) power mad, or 3) both. And the fact that it took days for an arrest to be made despite his murder being *captured on video* speaks volumes.

I’m a white dude. I was born into the middle class. I come from a strong family background. I was afforded the opportunity to go to Syracuse without a second thought. Honestly, I’ve endured virtually zero hardships in my life. And I understand how fortunate I am to have been dealt such a good hand in life, when it comes to never having to deal with genuine obstacles. I’m not saying this as a white guilt thing, either. I’m saying it because I understand why I can never fully appreciate the difficulties faced by people of color, and by people less fortunate than myself.

Guys, I’m getting to the point of rambling by now. I’ve been trying to think of any reasonable way to express the way I’m feeling about the clusterfuck of a world we’ve been forced to live in this year, and I just cannot quite get there. The only thing I consistently find myself circling back to is that I’m just so… fucking… tired.

Respect the people around you. Embrace the fact that everyone deserves equal opportunities and equal rights. You’re not special enough that you deserve anything that the next person in line doesn’t. And the most basic of human rights is the right to life. George Floyd should be alive. You should be furious that he’s not. And if you’re more outraged by the response to his death than the death itself, well… shame on you.

Thanks. This has been my TEDTalk.

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