The buzz next week will be about quarterback prospect Rex Culpepper as he visits the Syracuse University campus, but he won’t be the only recruiting target from Plant High in Tampa making the trip in the early part of next week. Scoop Bradshaw, a defensive back who plays with Culpepper, will also be making the trip and could be on commitment watch alongside his QB friend.

Bradshaw is a 5-foot-11, 170 pound prospect who currently holds offers from the Orange, Indiana, Utah, South Florida, Florida Atlantic, Toledo, and Western Michigan, and will certainly be picking up more looks as he heads into his senior season. Rated as a 2-star prospect by Rivals, I have a feeling he will ultimately rise to the 3-star level as more analysts get a chance to check out the versatile defensive back’s ability.

Right now, Bradshaw is being listed as a safety, and while he’s a bit on the small side for the position he shows a great willingness to step up and make a big hit against the run. But even though he’s listed as a safety right now, I would expect him to get a long, hard look at cornerback at the college level. Bradshaw boasts good speed with a reported time of 4.46, and one of the things that really jumps out on his highlight video is his anticipation and nose for the ball.

Bradshaw shows terrific instincts in the secondary, and does a great job finding the ball. He’s also not just fast, but has terrific acceleration, which you can see both when he closes on a ballcarrier and on kick returns in his film as he shows an outstanding burst to get to the next level and outrun his opponents. He obviously may wind up sticking it out as a free safety in college but frankly, based on what’s on display in his film you’d be a little crazy not to give him a long look at corner, especially if you’re Syracuse – where finding steady cornerbacks has been a bit of a challenge over the past few seasons.

One thing that Bradshaw should consider if he does come close to pulling the trigger and pledging on his visit next week is that, having already had Scoop Jardine on campus for five years, Syracuse fans are extremely well versed in chanting “Scoooooooooop!” and should be able to make an easy transition from basketball to football in that regard. We’ll just have to make sure to keep this one away from Chipotle if at all possible.

The bottom line here is that Syracuse is obviously in need of help in the secondary, and from what I see out of Scoop Bradshaw, he looks like a very good young talent who should only get better. If he wants to commit next week, I’d encourage the coaches to…ahem…scoop him up immediately.

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