Oh man, this one is going to help Jim Boeheim get over the Miami loss a little bit more quickly. ESPN NBA Draft “expert” Chad Ford, he of the famous “board” and the guy who still proclaims himself an expert despite continuing to believe Jimmy B’s last name is pronounced “BO-heim” (seriously, that’s what he called him when talking about Tyler Ennis¬†last year!) is a great big Chad Fraud. Sorry, that was the kind of corny goodness that I had to work in more than once.

Deadspin, with a big helping hand from Reddit, has figured out that apparently Ford has been going back and editing his archived draft boards to make himself look smarter. To keep things tied to Syracuse, yes, Orange players were included, as when he went back and retroactively dropped Jonny Flynn on his 2009 Big Board once it became apparent Jonny was going to be a bust.

Other players he’s apparently tinkered with have been James Harden, Damian Lillard,¬†Giannis Antetokounmpo, and because we have to throw in another Syracuse guy, Michael Carter-Williams.

Here’s Deadspin’s breakdown of how he went back and changed his 2011 rankings, as one example:

“Tristan Thompson dropped from #6 to #7, swapped with Kawhi Leonard. Klay Thompson boosted from #11 to #8, swapped with Jan Vesely. Kenneth Faried raised from #14 to #10, with Jimmer Fredette dropping from #10 to #12, Alec Burks from #12 to #13, Bismack Biyombo from #13 to #14, and Iman Shumpert magically showing up in the top 20.”

Oh, Chad. Fraud is not a good look on you. Actually, there’s not much that’s turned out to be a good look on you, but the enjoyment that’ll no doubt be on Jim Boeheim’s face is, by contrast, a terrific look on him. Ford has been more of a Chad Thorn for Jimmy B the last couple years (okay, that was bad), and Jim has been quick to dismiss him when he suggests some of Syracuse’s young guys, like Jerami Grant last season and Chris McCullough this year, are good enough to be lottery picks.

I guess this only goes to show that when you mess with the Bull-heim, you get the karmic horns.

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