If you follow football recruiting, you may have wondered what became of Jamal Holloway. The 6-foot-4 defensive end from Camden, New Jersey originally picked Syracuse when Scott Shafer was still the head coach, but ultimately he and the Orange parted ways. Yesterday, Holloway signed to play at UNLV.

And honestly, we should feel great for the kid. By all accounts, he’s a great kid, from a great family. He just found himself caught in the sort of shuffle and numbers game that accompanies every college football coaching change. There was speculation he may have been a little short on qualifying initially, and seemed to be headed for a year of prep school.

Other speculation was that he just wasn’t a fit for the new staff physically, since he was only carrying about 215 pounds on his slender frame at the time he and the Orange decided to move on from one another. While it was no doubt disappointing for Holloway, he handled himself with tremendous class, and it has remained an amicable split. His mother continues to have good things to say about Syracuse, after all.

I’m pretty thrilled for Jamal. He gets to go play Division I football this year, and as a young man who also excels in basketball, there’s a chance he could walk-on for the Runnin’ Rebels on the hardwood as well. Here’s wishing the best of luck to Jamal in his career at UNLV.

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