A name that could emerge as a Syracuse University football target is Tim Hart, a middle linebacker from Memphis who up until a few days ago was committed to Tennessee. Unfortunately for the Volunteers, things did not end well between that program and the 3-star talent, who is now being followed on Twitter by multiple Syracuse football staff members including defensive coordinator Brian Ward.

Check out what the 6-foot-1, 215 pound middle linebacker had to say about the Volunteers:

Recruiting is a dirty business, as Syracuse fans know all too well, and chances are there’s a bit of this at every program. Because I know you’re all thinking it, there appears to have been at least a little bit of this lack of communication with the new Syracuse staff during the coaching transition, with some of the recruits who have since left the class of 2016.

At least in the case of the Orange, there’s some semblance of an excuse, that being the rapid transition, which included most of the coaching staff finishing out the bowl season with Bowling Green before having to hit the ground running. There’s also a big difference between offering a scholarship to a player like Hart and then trying to get him to take a “blueshirt” (basically asking him to arrive as a walk-on), which is what Tennessee did, and simply taking a little time getting in touch with players, which is what the Syracuse staff did.

In any event, let’s get back to Hart. The talented middle linebacker also boasts offers from hometown Memphis, Illinois, LSU, Indiana, Ole Miss, Missouri, Mississippi State, and California. He doesn’t have an offer from Syracuse yet, probably because the new staff is trying to get a feel for how intrigued he’d be by playing for the Orange. However, he has reciprocated Ward’s follow on Twitter, so it would appear he’s at least willing to listen to what the coaches have to say. lists Hart as the top inside linebacker prospect in Tennessee, while 247Sports ranks him as the 14th best inside linebacker in the country. It’s easy to see why Ward would immediately be drawn to Hart, as well. The Tampa 2 defense that Ward plans on installing asks the team’s middle linebacker to be able to drop back into coverage, and one of the first things that jumps out about Hart in his highlights is his ability to do exactly that. He does a nice job reading the quarterback and both coming away with interceptions and breaking up passes, including swatting them down at the line.

Hart also looks very good against the run and shows good burst through the line to get into the backfield and disrupt the quarterback. It’s obviously unclear just how serious Syracuse will get about Hart, and vice versa, but he’ll be someone to keep an eye on with there being clear interest from the Orange. With visits being made this week and offers being handed out, don’t be surprised to hear that his name pop up as being among those new prospects to receive a scholarship offer from Syracuse.

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