I’m sorry for that headline. I’m just in too much of a state of shock right now to realize how unbearably bad it is, or more specifically, to care. Because holy cow. Based on multiple reports from Jon Rothstein and Jeff Goodman, among others, it looks like Syracuse’s head coach in waiting finally got tired of waiting. Mike Hopkins is headed to Washington.

And first things first: congratulations to Mike Hopkins. The guy has bled orange for decades, with 21 years under his belt as an assistant coach for Jim Boeheim after having played for the Hall of Fame coach for four years. The hire makes sense for Hopkins, as well, being a west coast guy. If Hopkins was ever going to leave Syracuse a Pac 12 gig always seemed to make the most sense.

Of course, now the big question is, where does that leave Syracuse? Jim Boeheim was supposedly going to retire after next season, though that was always a bit up in the air. With his heir apparent off to Washington, that obviously puts an awful lot of doubt on whether or not Boeheim actually rides off into the sunset in 2018.

The other issue with Hopkins leaving is that, for years, Hop’s strongest attribute has been his ability to recruit. With Hopkins gone, the Orange are going to need to find another closer on the recruiting trail. So many questions now for the Syracuse basketball program, and all we can really do is sit back and wait for answers.

Good luck to Mike Hopkins, who is by all accounts a terrific guy, and a highly regarded basketball mind.

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