Today brings with it some major bummers for a former Syracuse football star, any college teams outside of the so-called Power Five conferences, and BJ Johnson. But hey, on the bright side, at least Jim Brown’s lacrosse legacy was mentioned in a post on The Chive, so that’s a…kinda…good-ish thing…right?

  • Sadly, Marquis Spruill was able to swim with sharks but can’t fly with the Falcons in 2014 – The Falcoholic
  • Jim Brown was a great multi-sport athlete. Missing from the list: Charlie Lockwood – The Chive
  • Autonomy for the Power Five conferences was passed by the NCAA today – USA Today
  • MCW and his family stopped by the Elite Camp at Syracuse today – Post-Standard
  • BJ Johnson suffered an ankle injury and will miss the last game of the USA East Coast All-Star tour – Post-Standard
  • Corey Winfield is making the switch from WR to CB – Post-Standard

And finally, the super hot Chrissy Teigen got drunk at a Dodgers game and then threw out the first pitch. So basically, this is basically what would happen if any of us was asked to throw out a first pitch.

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