Bet you thought you were going to get through a day without your daily dose of Syracuse University goodness, didn’t you? Didn’t you!? Well, there’s no way I was going to deprive you fine folks of a little Vitamin C. What else are you going to do tonight, watch The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul?

That reminds me, time to set the DVR…

On to the links!

Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim arrogant, unprofessional and just like Bill Belichick, Pittsburgh writer says –

Syracuse enjoys Williams’ success at faceoff X, cruises to 21-7 season-opening win over Siena –

Hoops Recruiting Updates from Dean Francis – Otto’s World

Syracuse Football, Basketball On Pace for One of Worst Combined Seasons in 40 Years –

Christmas brushes aside postseason ban talk on, off court –

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