Well, round one of Otto’s Ultimate Orangeman Challenge is in the books. For the most part, the seeds held, and held in a big way. What we learned from that first round is that you guys really, really, really like Gerry McNamara, Lawrence Moten, Sherman Douglas, and Pearl Washington. Billy Gabor? Not so much.

And of course, we were cruel, evil beings who forced you all to choose between Carmelo Anthony and Jim Boeheim in the first round, and while JB took an early lead, reason and logic won the day and Carmelo bested the man he helped win a national title. Now, it’s time to move on to round two, with some matchups looking to get a little feistier. Early money is on the G-Mac versus J-Dub showdown being the most hotly contested, though the Mayor of Scranton is looking like a potential juggernaut. Another matchup to watch? Derrick Coleman versus Hakim Warrick. Anyway, let’s take a look at the updated bracket and get on with the voting!

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