We’ve been getting excited about the prospect of Robert Washington coming to Syracuse for awhile now. While a lot of outsiders and fans of other schools may not believe that the talented running back would consider Syracuse University based on recent history, the ESPN Top 300 talent has been high on the Orange in general and the coaching staff in particular for some time. Well, Washington is starting to let the world know which six schools he’s considering, and half of that list has gone public.

Washington had previously mentioned his home state team, the North Carolina Tar Heels, and Syracuse has also been on the list since he first started making the list public. Today, a third school was added to his public list of favorites, as he tweeted out that TCU will be among his final options.

Right now, the list is shaping up pretty much exactly as I expected. Obviously, Washington has established a great relationship with Larry Fedora and the Tar Heel coaching staff, and as I mentioned, he’s been high on the Orange for awhile. He also visited the TCU coaches when he was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the International Bowl, and the word is he wears the number 5 in honor of former Horned Frogs star LaDainian Tomlinson. So none of the three schools on the list are unexpected.

The last three schools are the tricky part, though obviously there are some educated guesses we could make based on Twitter activity, previous comments, and the visits he’s taken. I would wager that Notre Dame will be on the list, with Ohio State and Michigan also strong possibilities. Pittsburgh, with its recent history of running back success, is also thought to be a strong contender for Washington. Obviously, those aren’t the only possibilities, and the rest of the 4-star running back’s list will emerge soon enough.

Still, even though Syracuse has been a part of his official top six for awhile now, it’s always nice to be reminded that one of the best juniors in the country – who by all accounts is as humble and hard working as he is talented – continues to hold Syracuse in such high esteem.

This has been a fun recruitment to watch play out, and with a decision looming potentially sometime within the next month, it’ll only get more exciting for Orange fans to follow young Mr. Washington as he nears his final choice and makes one school extremely happy.

Of course, this is also a nice reminder that we as fans have the power to help make a push for a particularly enticing recruiting pitch to this 5-foot-10, 215 pound talent.

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