In a couple of weeks, the Nike EYBL circuit will be heading to Dallas, with a number of Syracuse targets expected to participate in the weekend’s festivities. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be able to head down to the same event, wherein I watched players like Brycen Goodine, Joe Girard, Jon Bol Ajak, Isaiah Stewart, and Khalil Whitney while all were still Syracuse targets.

This year, I plan on heading back down to the event to watch more of Syracuse’s targets, including some of the younger guys from last year’s session that I was able to check out, as well, including Addison Patterson and Andre Jackson. I wrote last year about how much I love Patterson’s game, but the prevailing winds seem to indicate he’s not a particularly realistic target for the Orange moving forward. Jackson didn’t play much last year for the City Rocks, but has a central role with the squad this year.

Among the other players I plan on checking out are Woody Newton, who runs with Team Takeover; Noah Collier, a member of Team Final; and Jamari Sibley, who is on the Phenom University roster. All are typical Syracuse forward recruits: long, lanky, and athletic, and it will be interesting to see which — if any — of the three Syracuse winds up with.

If you have anyone in mind you’d like me to check out, of course, hit me up on Twitter (@ottosgrove) to make a request, and if I get the chance, I’ll take a look … assuming it’s someone I think we have a realistic chance at landing. I mean, I might check them out anyway, just out of curiosity or if they happen to be playing against a clear Syracuse target.

Last year was a ton of fun, so here’s hoping this year will be more of the same.

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